To do this the simplest method is to wrap the roll in

High Velocity Vortex Cannon

In canada goose outlet toronto this Instructable I’ll show how to make a high velocity vortex cannon that runs on propane. I built this project as an upgrade to one of my earlier vortex cannons which was significantly harder to make, and required a more complex procedure to fire as it canada goose outlet near me used a burst disc to help build pressure in the chamber. This new cannon uses a propane torch as it’s fuel source, which mixes the fuel and air in the perfect ratio to be highly combustible such that it does not require a burst disc to provide back pressure during combustion. This cannon can be fired quickly and easily.When building canada goose outlet vancouver this cannon I had canada goose outlet in toronto it in mind that it would be an excellent device for such tasks as shooting frisbees out of trees, as I have a small disc golf course in my backyard. canada goose jacket outlet toronto A vortex cannon fires only a slug of air, so there is no solid projectile that will come back down to earth and potentially land on a neighbor’s head.Parts canada goose outlet london uk used in this project:Step 1: Preparing Terrace Board for the Cannon BarrelIf you’ve seen a vortex cannon in science canada goose outlet washington dc class you’re canada goose outlet ottawa probably expecting a garbage can with a hole cut in the bottom and a diaphragm on the back. While you can make low velocity vortex rings this way, to make a really high power slug of air a cone shaped barrel is the way to go. Making such a barrel can be a difficult task. In previous iterations of this cannon I used fiberglass to canada goose outlet jackets form a cone over a paper mold; a messy process that is likely to have you breathing toxic resin fumes and spending quite a bit of money on materials.For my new design we’ll be using a roll of plastic terrace board, 4″ wide by 40′ long. Terrace board is canada goose outlet sale sold in canada goose black friday slightly smaller rolls which I have canada goose outlet store uk found work just as well. The 40′ roll might canada goose outlet in new york be overkill but I decided I may as well go big for the tutorial.To make a cone from this roll of plastic the first step is to secure the outside layer so it won’t unravel once the straps are cut that bundle it together on the store shelves. We need the outside layer secured, but the inner portion of the coil free to be pulled out. To do this the simplest method is to wrap the roll in fiberglass reinforced tape, but an even more secure method is plastic welding.There are only a few types of plastic that canada goose outlet germany can be safely welded canada goose jacket outlet uk without giving off horrible chemicals, and fortunately HDPE, canada goose outlet online store high density polyethylene is one of them. HDPE is a close relative to paraffin candle wax, and when burned the similarity is apparent as it smells just like a blown out candle.Using a torch on low heat we can melt the outer edge of the roll until the plastic pools and begins to merge into the layer beneath. To make sure we only melt the very edge of the roll a piece of thick metal (I used a wrench) should be placed where we would like the melting to stop. Once the plastic has been sufficiently melted together and cooled it canada goose outlet woodbury should be strong enough that we can cut the straps on the roll canada goose outlet store quebec without it unraveling.Safety canada goose outlet eu note: Though HDPE burns cleanly compared to other plastics, it is still wise to weld in an area with a lot of ventilation. It’s best to avoid breathing smoke from even the cleanest forms of combustion. I did this by using fiberglass tape to form straps, then hung the roll from my canada goose premium outlet ceiling with a chain. I’m aiming to turn this roll into a cone that expands at roughly a canada goose outlet winnipeg 14 degree angle, canada goose outlet website legit similar in shape to my original cannon barrel seen in the image above.It can be difficult to start expanding the cone because of friction between layers of the plastic roll, canada goose outlet uk sale but using a pair of pliers to twist up the center slightly can provide relief and allow it to go more smoothly.By eyeballing the spacing between each layer of the cone as it’s expanded downward we canada goose outlet seattle can make the incline of the cone consistent from top to bottom. This is done in three rows evenly spaced around the circumference barrel. Doing so should keep the cone very rigid, and the nails poking through the inside wall do not seem to hinder the formation of the vortex.The fuel source of my cannon will be propane from a TS8000 torch, with an auto igniting trigger that canada goose outlet in montreal will also serve as the ignition for the vortex cannon.

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